Monday, June 9, 2014

The Adventures of Loriel the Wood Fairy by C.J. Walery

Loriel is worried by the lack of communication from her Grandfairy Cyce and makes a journey to her cottage in the Forest of Echoes, to find it empty.  Upon arrival she finds that Grandfairy Cyce has been kidnapped by a goblin.  This part of the story tells how Loriel, Padra (the house mouse) and Anya (the pet hummingbird) all help to save Grandfairy Cyce.

Loriel is frantic with worry because she knows that goblins must be dangerous (not to mention smelly) and she will need to make a plan that does not endanger Grandfairy Cyce.  (taken from the back of the book)

This is the perfect adult/child book.  It's captivating and sweet and a tale I'm sure a child would want told over and over. The characters aren't perfect, but they do mean well and they learn lessons from their mistakes.  There's a nice bit of humor tossed in that should make children smile.

What I enjoyed most was the strong sense of community.  Regardless of the situation, they all take care of each other and pitch right in.

Though I only read the e-version of this book, I can imagine how sweet it would be in hardbound.  The front cover is beautifully drawn and colored in a magical way.  There are a few pictures scattered throughout the book that add just a hint of whimsy to this original tale.

For me, it reminded me quite a lot of Fern Gully for some reason.  The story isn't similar at all.  The characters, however, have that same sweet yet strong feeling to them.

A must have for the fairy lovers out there, and a special treat for everyone else.

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