Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bloodcurdling Blowout Begins!!

It's finally time!  We know you've been anxiously watching to see which authors and bloggers and prizes are added and we have a buuuunch of them!  Starting off with the Kindle Fire HD!  And, you know we wouldn't be involved without an authographed prize!  Weston Kincade has awesome authographed coffin keychains!  Very swag!  And books!  We've got books!  And books!

But there's more!!  Each website is going to be doing a daily giveaway as well!  Starting right here!  Our giveaway is pretty simple!  We're giving away a prize package of my favorite horror e-books!  Which ones?  I don't know since my mind changes every day!  But!  I do know that I'll give away 5 of them!  Five chilling tales to curl your toes!  How do you win the daily prize??  Simply comment below!  Say 'Hi'! Say 'Bye'!  Say 'Oily Mermaids!"  We don't care!  Just say something!  Then on Saturday morning, we'll draw the prize winner for our daily prize and post it.

Now, how do you win one of the BIIIIIG prizes?!  Simple! Enter the rafflecopter below!  I know it looks long and daunting, but each step is super easy and earns you another entry!  US only due to shipping costs, other than E-copies!  Those don't have a shipping cost so we can send them anywhere there's internet!  Why?  Because we're just awesome like that!!

Want more information?  Check out our main page.  Make sure to visit our next site for a daily giveaway Saturday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I want in on this. That's a lot of awesome prizes!

  2. Carrie Anne is our winner! I'll be messaging you shortly to fill you in on your prize package :) Congrats!


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