Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fulcrum Gallery

When I was first approached about doing a review for Fulcrum Gallery, I was hesitant at first.  This isn't my normal review genre and how do you review a gallery?  As soon as I looked at the website, though, I knew I was in.

I spent several hours looking through the possible pictures and finally selected a Wizard of Oz picture  I've been an Oz fan all of my life and both of my children are as well. It's a picture that suits our home beautifully.  So then I started looking at framing and matting options.  My goodness!  I ended up choosing a gallery framed canvas with heavy brush strokes.

When I received it in the  mail, my package was huge.  The picture is tightly secured to a huge cardboard framework so that even if you get an angry postal worker having an extraordinarily bad day, your picture will end up in your hands without a single scratch or dent.  I was really impressed with the packaging.

Upon opening, I had to go visit several people to show it off.  It's just breathtaking!  The colors are vibrant and the added texture from the brush strokes actually make it look like a hand-painted masterpiece at first glance.

As I was going through the website, I was really struck by just how many uses there are for paintings from the gallery.  Not only that, but how surprisingly inexpensive they are. I know lots of people who have pictures hung up in their homes.  Lots of people have home offices and media pictures set up in their living rooms and home theaters.  If you think Fulcrum Gallery isn't for you, let me show you some of the more practical uses in your home.

For the comic book lover-  Check this out!  Several pictures of your favorite heroes!  Not only that, there are some vintage comic book covers.  You can get the sheet and frame it yourself.  You can have the frame it like a poster. Better yet, have it set up like a painting!  What better way is there to spruce up a teenager's bedroom?!

For the home office - Are you a Harry Potter fan?  Alice in Wonderland?  Are you a book reviewer or just an avid reader?  Just want something awesome to brighten up your office?  Check out the huge book cover selection!  Frame it!  Have it painted!  Show off your mad decorating skillz and add some exciting and unique decor to your work space!

For the home theater - Buzz Lightyear!  Dancing Popcorn!  Jimmy Stewart!  If you can think it, you'll find it!  Have a huge poster made!  Have it made into a decadent painting!  Seriously, who doesn't want a quality Zombieland painting in their home theater?

Why go to your local Wal-mart and spend a fortune for a poster that you're just going to poke tack holes in or ruin by taping up? That's a lot of money for a picture that you're going to ruin by putting it up!  These are long-lasting quality pictures that you can design and frame any way you want.  They'll be directly mailed to you and in quality packaging.  Not only that, but it's a one of a kind conversation piece that you won't want to miss.  Me?  I think I may be a junkie.

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  1. I definitely want to get some nice posters for the home theater. These sound not only nice, but classy. Great review. Thanks.


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