Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Perverse Wonderland by Jennifer Harrison

In this perversely funny wonderland gone horribly wrong, discover how to move forward when a fairy tale gets turned on its head and kissing Prince Charming turns him into an 'arse.'  The novel will have you swiftly flipping pages to keep up with the ongoing conflicts between the redheaded anti-heroine's heart, mind and libido as she searches for the one man who can bring them all together.  (taken from the back of the book)

Sounds great, right?  I was all about this book and super excited to read it.  Then as I began reading, I kept waiting for the above described book to show up.  On the last page, I finally realized it wasn't going to.

What actually happens is that an American girl, who's rather full of herself, moves to England to be closer to the man she's had a long distance relationship with (who lives in Wales).  Upon getting there, she realizes that he isn't who she thought he was and then spends a couple of months throwing temper tantrums as she attempts to get over him.

I do completely agree that we have an anti-heroine instead of a heroine.  Personally, I couldn't stand her.  Her heart, mind and hair having distinct personalities were novel, but not enough to save this character.  She's unlikable and rude.  Honestly, I was so fed up with her that I couldn't muster up any dislike for the 'bad guy' here.

I also didn't find myself flipping pages.  Sadly, this one took me over a week to read.  I kept putting it down and forcing myself to pick it up.  The writing is captivating, but I didn't like or dislike our main character enough to care what was happening next.  This just wasn't my thing.

If you realize what you're getting into, this could be a book that you enjoy.  Just don't expect what the first paragraph promises.  This is mostly about a girl learning that things don't always go her way while she's in a foreign country with no safety net.  It's about her learning how to pull herself back together and move on with her life.  There's a little romance tossed in with a lot of drama.

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