Monday, August 25, 2014

The Universe Builders by Steve LeBel

By Daena

All heard of the fabled perfect being, the Greek God

Well, how about a geek god?  Named Bernie, yet.

Fresh with his diploma from God School, determined but unsure, bright but without confidence, Bernie faces the challenge of building his own universe.  If only it were that easy...

An old school rival will do whatever it takes to ensure Bernie's failure, even if it means destroying his world.

It's god vs. god, guile vs. goodness, where only one of them plays by the rules.  Bernie must find a way to outwit his evil foe.  If he fails, it will cost him everything.  (taken from the back of the book)

Reading this book was a true delight.  Humor, suspense, a sweet and lovable hero, a ruthless antagonist...this book has it all.  LeBel offers a creative spin on the age-old story of gods and goddesses.  Bernie, an underprivileged god, had a troubled star in life.  Coming from a split home, that he believes he caused, and poverty living conditions, it seems as though Bernie's struggles are never ending.  Not to mention his famous, but absent, father. He enters school, for gods and goddesses whom may have an advantage due to their lineage, on the fast track.  Bernie is average, at best, in his studies at school and labors with concepts other gods seem to naturally know.  His hard work pays off, however, and he finishes building school with hopes of becoming a professional builder.

The first day of work shows his life isn't about to get any easier when he is assigned to the same division his antagonist is in.  How will Bernie be able to overcome the evil plot his bully has planned?

I love the author's twist on what we typically consider the life and behavior of a god.  I found myself chuckling, realizing how silly life-forms must seem to a deity sometimes.  As the story develops, I not only became more aware of just who Bernie is and what he stands for, but also felt like a helpless onlooker.  While reading, I couldn't help but root for Bernie constantly.  Frustration came for me, knowing what was happening behind Bernie's back without being able to interrupt what he was doing and draw his attention to it.  LeBel has a knack for not just describing his characters, but making the reader feel as though a relationship has been established between themselves and the characters.  With every page, I felt closer to Bernie and more desperate to help him.  Bernie is the type of character you just hate to see lose.  I definitely am looking forward to reading future happenings in Bernie's life and can't wait to enjoy the ups and downs with him.  I recommend this book as a lighthearted, well-written, old-fashioned, yet innovative tale of good versus evil.


  1. Thank you so much for your great review, Daena. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    The story was great fun to write and I am thrilled with the way people are responding to it.

    If it's any consolation, you are not the only one who hated what was happening to Bernie.


  2. :) Love it! Remember me, if you need any arc reviews! Love your work.


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