Friday, March 18, 2016

October 32nd by Larry Rodness

-Carrie Anne

It's October 31, and insurance agent Alexander Malefant is sent to picturesque Elora during its annual Halloween festival.  No sooner does Alexander arrive than he witnesses the near-drowning of a boy bobbing for apples.  Shortly after that, a group of children are attacked by crows.  Later that evening, all the children in the village suddenly disappear.  Soon, every person becomes a suspect as residents frantically try to discover what happened to the children.  Who or what is behind these disappearances, and can they get the children back before it's too late?  (taken from Amazon description)

There isn't much I can say without giving away plot points.  Suffice it to say Malefant isn't the only stranger in town, and a woman living in town is rumored to be a witch.  Malefant and the 'witch' are the most obvious suspects, but both are dealing with their own losses and truly want to help.

Yes, there is a supernatural aspect to the story, but mostly it's about the relationships we have with the ones we love.  It's also a really good mystery and trying to figure out what happened to the children (and what happened in the past)  propels the whole story forward.  We feel the frantic need to figure everything out as quickly as possible, just as the parents do.  It's a book that could easily be read in one sitting, though the story doesn't feel rushed or too short.  And you'll never guess the ending....

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