Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What Was I Thinking? by Zac Lange

This is the first book in a brilliant series that was developed to help children understand their own thought processes.  The ultimate goal is that as children are able to understand their processes, they'll be able to make better choices.  In essence, they'll train themselves to think before they act.

I would say this is probably for the 3-8 age group.  However, most of you know I have a special needs child.  While I was reading this book, I kept thinking what a wonderful asset it would be in his classroom!  You see, my child is brilliant in several ways, but when it comes to understanding thought processes or figuring out why he's doing anything, he's lost.  He doesn't have the power to look internally and use what he finds about himself to advance and grow.  My child is ten and this book is right at his mental speed.  So, while the book is intended for younger readers, for me, the worth comes in what it can do for special children like mine.

The pictures appear to be drawn by a child, but they are so clever!  When you get the book, the first thing you need to do is flip through it until you get to the picture of the living room.  Then, look for grandma's picture on the wall!  I laughed for a good three minutes!  I want to meet this little boy's granny!  The pictures are bright and colorful, yet simple.  I really like this because I think it makes it easier for kids to relate.

I love that the book is written in first person so that the author comes across as a young child.  This is another big connection factor for young children.  As they read it, they see that no one is talking down to them.  This is a child, just like them!

Now, I have to say, the best part of this book for me is the valuable lesson involved.  It teaches children to make a checklist for how to handle situations.  It teaches them to think before acting.  I  have to admit, I don't always do this myself.  It also teaches them to analyze their actions to try to figure out their motivations.  As parents, we've all had those moments when we ask the child what they were thinking and they respond that they don't know.  This book's aim is to end that!

This is a colorful, humorous book that's perfect for children.  One of the most important skills in life is being able to think, and this book will put your child on the fast track to being able to do that.  I highly recommend it for anyone with children, whether they be toddlers or pre-teens.  My copy will be donated to my son's school and another purchased for our home library.  I look forward to seeing more in this series!

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