Thursday, March 10, 2016

Patchwork People by D.B. Martin

-Carrie Anne

The dead can still talk - as Lawrence Juste is about to find out - and what they have to say is deadly.

He thought he'd eluded the nemesis from his past - even made some kind of atonement for abandoning his family be defending his sister's child against a murder charge.  His black had become a mere dirty grey, with the possibility of being bleached enough to still make High Court Judge if he'd played his cards right, hand't it?

Someone obviously doesn't agree.

Someone who persists in taunting him with notes and lies that lead nowhere but to more lies.

Someone who clearly wants him to dig even further into his buried past in order to clear his name.

Someone who might have already murdered once, and is ready to murder again.  But they're already dead.

For Lawrence, the twisted sage of deceit, intrigue and conspiracy continues as his family expands and the real truth behind his past begins to surface in this, the second book in the Patchwork People trilogy.  (from Amazon description)

When I finished the first book in the series, I was shocked how many questions were still unanswered and I wondered how much preamble there would be in the second one before we got back into the action.  I needed to know more!  Turns out, there isn't any at all; the story picks up right where we left off.

So off we go, back into a world where no one is who they seem, and nothing they say can be trusted.  Even things I took for granted in the first book are in question this time around.  This makes for a fascinating, if mentally challenging read.  It's hard to put the pieces of a puzzle together when you're not even sure you're working on the right ones!  Add a few typos and British terminology and dialect into the mix, and there were several times I wasn't sure I was following the correct train of thought.  There were also several times I went back, even to the first book, to refresh my mind on certain events.  Ultimately, though, this book reaches a satisfactory conclusion, with many questions finally answered.  So many, in fact, I'm excited to see what twists are planned for the last book.

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