Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We Are the Infected by Steve Kuhn

Dext and his crew are reeling from the losses incurred during their stay at The Haven and are on the run.  A military unit known as Kilo Company appears to be the group's best bet for survival, but they are miles ahead and the gap is widening.  Mounting tensions within the group strain relationships and affect all involved.

As they push ever forward in their pursuit of survival and sustainability, they find themselves stalled by the growing hordes of the undead...and very real, human threats.  Everything is not what it seems.  The line between friends and enemies is getting thinner with every passing second.  (taken from Amazon description)

I was a huge Walking Dead fan until I started reading this series.  Now, I'm not sure if I can keep watching.  I'm concerned that it might be a letdown after what I'm experiencing here.

So, this is book two in the Dext of the Dead series.  It holds journal entries 51-81 as well as some correspondence between military staff.  If you read the first book, then you probably aren't reading this review because you've already gobbled up the entire series.  I'm anxious to get this written so I can move on to the third book.

We still have Dext's sense of humor and a little comedy relief, but this book really delves into the darkness.  It's actually heart-wrenching to read.  There were two spots when I actually had to stop reading because the tears falling were just too much.  Then at other times, I was laughing out loud and getting funny looks from people.  I'm really surprised at the range of emotion that this book pulled from me.

Twists and turns and more twists, oh my!  I can't tell you how many OMG  moments I had while reading this!  I'm a bright girl.  A lot of times, I figure things out in books before it happens.  Years and years of practice have made most plots predictable for me.  This is not the case here!  Kuhn really caught me off guard!  I tell you, I had so many 'Oh no he di'n't!' moments!

So, the good news is that we're greeted by an old friend.  The bad news is that we have some really heavy losses.  I don't mean just high in number, but losses that really begin to destroy both the group and the reader.  Kuhn isn't afraid to kill off a beloved character.  It's not done gratuitously, but in this world that he's built, anything can happen.  I'm left at the end of this book feeling such a genuine sense of loss.  Some of my friends died in the last few hours.  I was there for the funeral, but there was no one to comfort me.

Honestly, I can't even review anything else on this book because I flat out don't remember it.  I was so engrossed in the story that I forgot to look for plot holes or description or if everything meshed.  Obvious to me, all of this must have been just fine because I found nothing that pulled me out of the world of Dext.

OK!  Enough talkie talkie!  On to book three!  Oh I can't wait!  Oh!  There's also a great Walking Dead easter egg in this book for those of you that can find it ;)

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