Friday, March 4, 2016

We Are the Entombed by Steve Kuhn

After traveling into the Midwest, the crew deal with an increasing amount of pressure as the true scale of the plague becomes clear.  The dead have permeated every square inch of the country leaving the few remaining survivors desperate for commodities that were once commonplace.  Roving bands of raiders and small, independent communities pose serious threats to one another amongst the ever increasing numbers of ravenous, shambling corpses.  The group, having suffered difficult losses and few victories, cope with the catatonic state of their friend Kylee; it's a recipe for disaster.

On the military side, Colonel Lang and Chalmers continue to pursue their goals and Dr. Morofsky is making progress of a different sort-the Colonel may be a worse threat than the dead.

As Dext and his band of survivors push further, they  meet many new people and not all of them are trustworthy.  Whether they  make it to the coast, and ultimately their salvations, or continue to perish, is yet to be seen.  (taken from Amazon description)

So here I am, more than halfway through this series.  This book is the third and I've already begun the fourth.  I have to say, it's the best series I've read in a long while.  If you're going to read any of these, buy them all at once so that you can read them back-to-back.  You won't want to wait in between!  All of these books could be read as a stand-alone, but you won't want to.  Each book adds a new investment in character development that you won't want to miss.

In this book, things start off with a bit more lightness.  The first two books are so action-packed and suspenseful, that a short break from it is welcome.  Dext's humor really shines through in this one.  Once again, I found myself laughing out loud and snorting.  Now, that doesn't mean the danger has let up at all.  It means that they characters are finding ways to cope and they finally have a lucky break, even if for a short time.

There's also something I'd really like to discuss, that pertains more to the series than this book.  When I'm reading something that I really enjoy, I share it with everyone I'm in contact with.  I can't help it.  Great books are my passion!  So!  I was gushing about this series and how much I adored it, and the other person went to read the reviews they were able to find.  They came back and questioned whether or not this is Walking Dead fan-fiction.  IT IS NOT!  Do I need to say that more violently?  Yes, there are zombies.  Yes, I've likened it to The Walking Dead.  However, this takes place in an alternate universe.  Even though my brain sees metaphors that include The Walking Dead, it's my brain.  The author isn't in control of what metaphors my brain sees.  Now!  There is ONE paragraph in ONE book that I've found so far that Walking Dead fans will recognize.  If anything, it's poking fun at The Walking Dead.  So, if you're passing this series up because you think it's fan-fiction, you're making a huge mistake and missing out on a great read.

So!  Back to this book!  We do have some losses again, which is inevitable.  Most of them I was alright with, but one struck me as hard as a Harry Potter death.  We also have a couple of additions to the group, and I'm still making up my mind about them.  Though there's a lot of action in this one, it's much more of a continuation of the character study of each.  Most of the characters are figuring out where their moral lines are painted at.  How far is too far to go to survive?  What are they willing to sacrifice for each other?  How bonded are they really?

As I've said before, so far this is an incredible series.  I can't stop reading!  Moving on to book four!  And...I might have already read the first few pages...In book four, we learn more about the beginnings of the zombies, as well as scientific findings and there's a buuunch of craziness that has just started!  Gotta get back to it!

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