Friday, March 18, 2016

The Resume Design Book by Matthew T. Cross

I was expecting to pick this book up and find a dull 'how to', but boy am I surprised!

First, if you're an aspiring author with no experience and can't afford an editor, start here!  There's an entire section on the basics  of writing.  It's quick and easy to both read and understand.  It also covers most of the major mistakes that I find when I'm reviewing new authors.  No, this definitely isn't the use this book is intended for, but sometimes we find knowledge in unusual places!

Alright, moving on to the rest of the book!

This is actually a pretty interesting take on writing a resume.  I've been on both sides of the board, both applying and hiring.  Reading resumes can become dull because it's so repetitive.  You want someone who sticks out and really calls to you.  If you're applying for the job, that means you want it!  If you want it, you need your resume to be written in a manner to give you the highest odds of being hired!

The design here uses sticky notes, which is actually pretty brilliant.  You put a sticky note on the page and answer the questions asked on that page.  Then later one, you go through and organize and strategize.  Then you build your resume from the sticky notes.  For you newfangled technology people (yes!  you!), there are scan codes that will take you online and show you more examples and give you more information.  That way, as you're going through each section, you can get the most from  your book!

The most important lesson that can be taken from this book comes near the end.  It teaches you how to tailor-fit your resume for the job you're applying for.  You ain't gotta lie!  You ain't gotta lie!  Let Cross teach you how to properly show your skills to your prospective employer without stretching the truth to its limits.

This is one for my keeper shelf.  Though I don't currently need to build a resume, I might later on.  It's one of those things where you never know when someone is going to need it.  If you're currently hunting for your dream job and don't seem to be having much success, this could be a great path for you to start on.  It's easy to read, concise and makes a lot of sense.  It doesn't necessarily dumb things down, but it does take it down to the basics and simplifies the process.

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