Monday, March 7, 2016

We are the Extinction by Steve Kuhn

Tensions mount for Dext and his crew as they travel west in search of the elusive military unit known as Kilo Company.Characters, both good and evil, affect the course of events.  Threats wait around every corner.  A truth has been revealed:  mankind is more monstrous than the living dead.  (taken from the back of the book)

I have been lied to.  One of the characters in this book told me that things were a certain way.  I found out they aren't.  It's a big lie.  Don't tell me there isn't a slice of strawberry pie left when there is!  Don't tell me that I've won the lottery but not tell me that the lottery is a candy bar!  Don't tell me I get to go on a car ride and then let me find out we're going to the vet!  I've been lied to!  Oh the distress!!

Now, I'm angry at the character, not the author.  However, I'm a fair person and I do realize the necessity for the lies.  I would have done the same thing in his position.  However, this is the fourth book in the series and I've been operating under the information I was given in the first book!  Lies!  Deceit!  It's alright...I'm back under control now.

We aren't the only ones, as readers, who have been lied to.  Some of the characters have been kept in the dark as well.  In this book, they all start to find out what's what.  The problem with that?  They've all accepted the reality of what they've been told since the beginning as well.  Those who were telling lies didn't factor in human emotion and reaction.  Things get...interesting.

This book is back to the darkness that we found in the first two books.  Not only are the higher ups in the military beginning to turn on each other, but we start to see the true depths of human depravity.  

One of the brightest spots for me pertains to the  youngest character in their group.  I can't really go into it without putting in spoilers, but I'm impressed!

This is the part where I say I'm anxious to read the fifth and final book.  However, I can't say that.  I cheated and read it before being able to sit down and write up this review.  That review will be coming shortly.  But!  I will say that this fourth book left me with such a cliffhanger that I couldn't help myself!

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