Thursday, February 17, 2011

Don't Tell Nobody by Darryl Wayne

A tale in an inner city ghetto, a young boy is imprisoned in a dark world where molestation, poverty and self loathing are a daily way of life.  Repeatedly raped, an event that foreshadows a life of struggle with self identity and dysfunctional relationships with men.  The inevitable happens as he takes many risks trying to find himself, until one day he does, becoming, not forever vulnerable. (Taken from the back of the book)

Let's start off with editing.  You all know how I feel about it.  The lack of editing in this book is unimaginable.  Only once before have I read a book that was this poorly edited.  There are commonly misspelled words, lack of paragraphs, confusing dialogue, improper grammar, omitted words, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Now, I'm not going to blast this book due to editing.  In fact, it added to my reading experience.  This book is written from the first person view of a young man who's spent his entire life in the depths of the ghetto.  He's poorly educated and lived the type of life that I'm thankful I've never been personally exposed to.  The lack of editing brings the man behind the story to life.  As for the author, I can't say whether he did this on purpose, but it did bring about a desirable effect.  Although parts are difficult to read because of the mistakes, it brings an ambiance of despair and grit to the story.

I did find this a fascinating read.  It's not for the faint of heart though.  There are some monstrous scenes that are graphically laid out there for us to see.  The character's life hasn't been polished or made pretty.  It's a dark read into a life most of us can't even imagine.  It's vulgar and coarse and will appeal to the dark side of all of us.  It will definitely satiate the hunger to see a darker side of human nature.

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