Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Pointed Death by Kath Russell

After reading Deed So by Kath, I couldn't wait to get my hand on this book, the first in the Pointer Mystery Series.  This book debuts Nola, failed entrepreneur who lives with her octogenarian mother and her dog.  While out walking the dog, Nola stumbles upon a decapitated body, who just happens to be the person that caused the downfall of her company.  Will her nosiness be the end of her budding relationship with a police officer, or will it be the end of her life?

You all know I love mysteries!  This one was no exception.  All you cozy readers out there should pay heed to this one.  It has all the markings of a good series.  It's a fun read.  The mystery isn't over the top and out of reach, nor is it too simple.  The characters are fun and inviting.  It's sprinkled with humor and wit.  Toss in a feisty old lady and a dog who thinks he rules the world and you're set.

My only complaint with this book is that the mystery centered around biotechnology and I just don't care.  Kath did a good job of keeping me interested despite that.  Her writing style keeps you immersed in the story regardless of how you feel about the content of the story.  Also, I might add that it's not written in an 'over your head' manner.  Everything is explained simply and without being too dry.  Also, the biotechnology isn't really the whole story.  There's so much more there that it's easily overlooked if you're like me in that aspect.  If it's your thing, you'll eat this book right up!

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