Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Cream

I have become an ice cream junkie.  I've never been a huge fan of ice cream other than visits with Gramma where we'd down a pint of cherry chip.  That's not entirely true.  When I was pregnant with both the boys I craved peppermint stick ice cream.  I'd run to Wal-mart and grab a tub of it and eat it with a plastic spoon while waiting in line to pay for it.  I suppose it's more accurate to say that other than Gramma and the boys, I've never been an ice cream junkie.  That's changed though.  I eat it every night now! 

Today all of us are more conscious of what we eat than we were even five years ago.  The main reason I never buy ice cream is that I don't want to pay the price for the brands that have ingredients in them that I actually recognize.  The other day I randomly had a memory of a friend of mine making ice cream in her freezer.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.  So, I thought I'd do a little experimenting in the kitchen and see what I could come up with.  I started off easy and I've become a bit more daring.  What I found is complete success!  I love this stuff and it's so easy!  It takes less than 5 minutes to make and a few hours to fully freeze.

Grab a 2 cup measuring cup.  Fill with 1 cup of heavy whipping cream.  Fill the other cup with plain old milk.  Toss the liquids in your handy spandy blender.  Refill the same cup up to the 2 cup mark with frozen fruit.  I started using just plain old frozen strawberries.  Toss in 1/4 cup sugar. Blend a few seconds.  Pour into single serving containers and toss in the freezer.  The end!  Today I used frozen peaches and added just a few drops of vanilla and it was divine!  I'm totally making it again tomorrow!  If any of you make this, I definitely wanna know what fruit combos you try. 

Note- You can add more sugar if you'd like.  I like it with less sugar, but you can keep adding until it's as sweet as you'd like it.  I also want to experiment using yogurt instead of whipping cream, but I haven't gotten that daring yet!


  1. Ooh. You posted the recipe. Awesome. We should try to come up with a peppermint version that's not too heavy on the sugar. But I'm definitely going to make some type of fruit ice cream this weekend. I'll let you know what flavor I make!

  2. My husband is a junk food junkie and buying ice cream and sweets can get expensive! I've totally copied this recipe so I can try it. I'll let you know which combos I try. =)

  3. Today I made strawberry/blueberry with a dash of vanilla. Then I tossed in a handful of frozen blueberries without blending favorite so far! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!


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