Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elijah's coin by Steve O'Brien

A few days ago on Facebook, I posted and asked what the meaning of life was.  Sometimes it's fun to start a discussion like that.  People pop in and give perspectives and usually a lively debate ensues.  Here I am a few days later, and I realize that the meaning of life was sitting right here on my work desk, just waiting for me. 

The book begins with the story of Tom, a young man who's lost his way in life.  One night he breaks into a business with the intention of stealing.  This attempt at crime will be the turning point in Tom's life, thanks to Elijah King.  Elijah passes a coin on to Tom, leading Tom on the adventure of a lifetime.  Come along on Tom's adventure and somewhere along the way, you'll realize that you're on an adventure of your own.

I cannot stress this enough.  If you have a pulse, you need to read this book.  As the Editing Nazi, I have zero complaints.  As a reviewer, this book was entertaining, fast-paced and kept me sucked in.  As a fiction story, it was tops.  As a mystery, it kept me guessing.  As a person, this book is in the top three most important books I've ever read.  I normally read books and then pass them along to the next person.  This book is an exception.  The physical book, I'm going to pass along to my sister.  What I've learned from the book, I'm going to pass on to everyone I meet in life from this day forward, as well as all those I already know. 

The most beloved part of this book for me is that it comes complete with two of Elijah's coins.  There is a coin for you to keep as well as one for you to pass on to someone else.  Regardless of how much you pay for this book, it will be the best book value you've ever gotten for your money.

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  1. Important note: 100% of the sales from purchases of this book are donated to charity organizations.


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