Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Pick of the Month II

As I stated earlier, I couldn't just pick one book.  I had to include Jericho's book, but I also have to include this one.  I love the book cover, the title and the premise.  It looks to be a promising read.  Most of the reviews declare it to be a successful dark comedy.  After doing a little research, I came across a few chapters online and had myself a peek. So, I figure I'll give you a short peek as well!  No worries!  I'm a cheater!  This is just a paragraph out of the free peek you can get at Amazon!  Go check it out for yourself if you're intrigued!

By the time Marylou Ahearn finally moved into the little ranch house
in Tallahassee, she’d spent countless hours trying to come up with the
best way to kill Wilson Spriggs. The only firm decision she’d made,
however, was that proximity was crucial. You couldn’t kill someone
if you lived in a different state. So she flew down from Memphis to
Tallahassee and bought a house on the edge of Wilson’s neighborhood.
Doing so had been no problem, because she had a chunk of money left
from the government settlement as well as her retirement and social
security. She furnished her new place quickly with generic “big warehouse
sale” furniture. Back in Memphis she rounded up a graduate
student couple she’d met at church—a husband and wife who both
needed to give their spectacles a good cleaning—to house- sit, and then
she transferred her base of operations to Tallahassee, informing friends
only that she’d be taking an extended vacation.

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