Monday, February 14, 2011

Nana The Four Crystals by Guillermo Romano

Let me start off by saying that the title is a bit misleading.  When I picked it up, I was expecting the entire story to be about Serge and his task involving the four crystals.  It's in there, but not until the end.  Most of the story is about Serge, who is a rare man.  He has strong morals and expects others to show respect in his presence.  He's loving and generous and knows that helping others is more important than anything.  This story spans his life for many years, culminating in the four crystals experience. 

At first, I was really disappointed in this book and didn't think I could read it through.  The back story with Serge's wife was really annoying me.  His wife's name was Stephanie.  She was the love of his life, a good woman, a good mother and died in her sleep.  I didn't need several flashbacks to show me who she was, because honestly I don't care and it had no impact on the story.  It pulled me away and caused me frustration as a reader. 

The rest of the story was actually pretty good.  I enjoyed Serge as a character and seeing the reactions of those around him.  I didn't like that several of my questions were never answered, but I did feel this was a satisfying read.  After getting through a few chapters, I found myself engrossed in Serge's life, wanting to know more.  The tale surrounding the four crystals is a fresh, exciting idea that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Though I found this to be a good read, I strongly suggest that you not judge the book by the title.  It's more about the man and his journey through life than the story of the four crystals, at least in my opinion.  Also, skip the parts about Stephanie.  I'm sorry.  I'm sure the author felt it was necessary to Serge's background, but it really detracts from the story.  Everything you've read in this review is more than enough to tell you everything you need to know about Stephanie.  OK, one more thing, Serge carries a lucky penny that he got from her and asks her for guidance when he feels lost.  Now you know everything and you don't need to be distracted from the good story that is contained in these pages.

I'm afraid I have to make one last note.  Editing.  I cannot stress it enough.  If you're going to go through the trouble of writing a book, go through the trouble of editing or hiring an editor.  It may seem like a superfluous thing, but it really makes a difference.  This book is in dire need of editing.  Most of the time, I just continued on with the story and didn't let it get to me, but there were parts that I had to stop and reread several times until they made sense.

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  1. I read the book a week ago and enjoyed it a lot. I agree that editing would have helped the book, it was distracting.

    I liked the story a lot, felt immersed in it. Towards the end I felt that sensation you get when you are running out of pages and the end is real close, don't wanting the story to end. I felt there were a few unanswered questions, for those who like all tied up, but found it rewarding as the whole concept is a fresh idea and a great ending.


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