Friday, February 25, 2011

Merely Magic by Patricia Rice - Review

A definite must-read for fans of the movie Practical Magic.

Ninian is a healer, but she's a Malcolm first and foremost, and Malcolms have always had a bit of magic - unpredictable though it is - to aid them on their pursuits.  She knows she must accept what she is or perish, but then Lord Drogo Ives arrives, bringing the deepest, most powerful magic she's ever experienced and turning Ninian's world upside down.

Drogo Ives has no time for foolish musings or legneds, even if he can't seem tor esist the local witch.  Thrown together by a series of disastrous events, Ninian won't give herself fully to Drogo until she can make him trust and believe in her, and that's the last thing he'll ever do.

As the danger and chaos surrounding them escalates, Drogo and Ninian will be forced to decide:  their love or their lives.  (Taken from the back of the book)

Ah such a fun book!  I think what I enjoyed the most is that Patricia made full use of her writing talents.  She's a good storyteller, but she didn't go for one specific angle.  The book is romantic without being too erotic.  It's paranormal while keeping it realistic.  The characters are inventive but not too far-fetched to be believed.  The mystery isn't anything outlandish.  It's just enough to keep you interested.  Basically, she took the best of romance, mystery, comedy and drama and mixed them all together in one magical tale.

I was expecting the fact that Ninian is a witch to be a focal point of the story, and it is, but not in the manner I expected.  She admits that she's a failure as a witch.  She doesn't have the powers she feels she should, but she's willing to work with what she has.  We see people approach her from different angles as well.  Some fear her differences while others go to her for help.  As a leading character, I loved her!  She's bright and spunky and sticks to her guns.  The other characters are well-built and interesting, but Ninian makes the story.

For me, this book was like reading a previous generation version of Practical Magic.  It's a completely different story, but it has that slight magical feel to it.  It's that feeling that if you believe enough, you can bring a little magic into your own life as well.  Of course, there are some definite concrete similarities, but I think you should draw those yourself. 

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