Saturday, September 18, 2010

Burger King Boycott Lifted

I am not a feminist.  I certainly believe there are some things that men are just naturally better at.  These items include carrying heavy boxes and taking out the trash.  Not just because I hate to do those is because I hate to do them!  That's not the point!  Several years ago Burger King aired a series of commercials that so enraged me that I've not eaten there since then- until today.  These commercials targeted the male demographic ages 18-34, which at the time happened to be their biggest consumers.  I tried to be understanding, but honestly when a company tells me that their food is made for men, I say men can keep their food and they don't need my business!  Seriously!  If I wanna eat a big fat burger and gain 80 pounds I shouldn't be told I can't simply because I'm a girl!  Don't get me wrong, they  never told me they wouldn't serve me or anything like that, but I was just disgusted with the company in general after these 'man loving' commercials.  That doesn't even mention the fact that every Burger King I had gone into was filthy with horrible customer service.  I was willing to over look those things.  Then came all the creepy king commercials and those just made me glad I'd already boycotted The King.

This morning, however, a friend and I were out for breakfast and that's where she really wanted to go, so I relented.  How things have changed!  I had a wonderful chat with the manager on duty, Doris, and she explained to me that Burger King had recently changed hands and were trying to get rid of their chauvinistic image and make the entire atmosphere more friendly.  The restaurant was spotless.  The food was hot and delicious.  The staff were friendly, smiling, and accommodating!  I'm not sure that all Burger King's have switched over to this new, wonderful eating place, but here in North Carolina I'm glad to say that I can finally eat at Burger King again!  Doris, thank you for allowing me to forgive this company for their previously shoddy ways!

If any of you have boycotted Burger King, I strongly suggest you give them another shot.  Things have definitely changed and I'll be going back soon!

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  1. I don't boycot them on purpose I use to love to eat there but now there food just doesn't agree with my tummy. :( They do need to quit steal ideas from McD's though before they start getting the commercial where the king still the Egg McMuffin recipe..hmph!! Naughty Naughty...and now they have a breakfast platter too!! naughty naughty...LOL


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