Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Lost City of Atlantis by Benjamin Flinders


What has kindled the wrath of Poseidon?  Something of his has been stolen, and he will destroy all of ancient Atlantis to get it back.

Join Ethan and Dallin, two brothers who are transported back to the ancient city, as they make new friends, attempt to outwit a corrupt Magistrate, and seek to reunite an enslaved girl with her father.

Will Ethan and Dallin discover that they possess what Poseidon wants before it is too late?  Or will they be lost forever with the ancient City of Atlantis? -from the back of the book

Ethan and Dallin once again enter the magical travel trunk, this time finding themselves in ancient Atlantis.  I found this book as captivating as the first, Pirate Treasure.  The boys are quick thinkers, which is probably the only thing that saves their lives in this book.   In comparison with the first book, this one has more adventure and fewer laughs.  The humor in this book tends to stretch a bit farther.  Instead of just one-liners, we have humorous situations so the laughter lasts a bit longer.  The adventure in this book was a little fast-paced even for me!  I found myself wondering how they were going to get out of some sticky situations, my heart pounding right along with the boys.  This book is a bit more on the disgusting side.  There are a few situations where I found myself 'EEEEEEWWWWWWWW'ing out loud.  It's right up the alley of a child though and I'm sure they'll love the disgusting snail spewing.

Intended for children ages 8-11, this second book in the Traveling Trunk Adventure series is a definite hit.  I look forward to the third book, Excalibur, which is due out in December, hopefully in time for Christmas shopping!  For more information on the Traveling Trunk Adventure series, visit Flinders Press

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