Monday, September 13, 2010

Hollywood Stories by Stephen Schochet

Who has bigger biceps?  Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jesse Ventura?  How did Bill Murray get fans to fall in love with him?  What did Joe Pesci do that was hero worthy?  How tall was Judy Garland? How many children did Dr. Suess have?

These are just a sampling of the questions you'll have answered here!  This book is full of anecdotes of movie stars.  I was a little surprised at the range.  We have everything from Boris Karloff to Jim Carrey.  Schochet is a tour guide in Hollywood.  He's researched each tale. 

I'm impressed with how well organized this book is.  There are different chapters for different genres of movies, including a television section.  Most of the anecdotes are funny, while some are just fascinating.  Reading this book is like going on a Hollywood tour and finding out information about all of your favorite actors and actresses.  It doesn't end there though!  Get the low down on directors and producers as well. 

Though I wouldn't suggest this book as something to just sit down and read through, it's definitely a wonderful coffee table or bathroom book (Sorry Stephen!).  The anecdotes are short enough that you can flip through and read one or two at a time.  Beware:  each one you read will make you want to read more!

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  1. Great review, Shawn; you're right on.

    Speaking as a film buff, what I've seen of the book so far has been really fun and interesting. I like that it has stories from all eras. One story will be about Jim Carrey, and the next will be Jack Benny and George Burns. Also, while some stories are just plain fun, others give you some history on your favorite movies and people.

    For a real movie fan, this book is a treat.


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