Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Duck Song by Bryant Oden

Mr. Lemonade Stand just wants to sell some lemonade.  A pesky duck keeps walking up every day asking him for grapes!  How long will his temper hold out?  Will the poor, pesky duck ever get his grape? 

I am in love with this book!  I found myself giggling through it from the very first page.  The ARC copies aren't furnished with the sound component for the book so I wasn't able to check that out, but I'm betting it's as wonderful as the rest of the book.   In the back of the book there's a CD with several songs on it.  I found myself youtubing them so that I could share with my Facebook friends!  Though the book and songs are directed towards children, I found them hilarious and enjoyed them just as much as my son.  I believe I'm going to be walking around singing 'I Gotta Pea' for a few weeks! 

From a child's perspective, the illustrations really make the book.  They're bright and goofy and really draw your attention.  There are a few sentences on most pages and they're easy enough for young readers to make out.  My son, who's four, loved me reading it aloud to him.  We enjoyed this book together more than we have any other.  It brought smiles to both our faces.

I strongly suggest this book to any of you with young children.  The price is a bit much, but that's due to the sound components included as well as the CD.  It's a hardbound beautiful book that's well worth the price.  Also, they've installed a compartment so that the batteries are replaceable, prolonging the life of your book!  There isn't one thing I could think of to improve this book! 

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