Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Importance of Reviewing

Last year I reviewed a book titled The Lake That Stole Children.  Upon reading the book, I sent the author, Douglas Glenn Clark, a copy of my review.  I'd enjoyed the story, but disagreed wholeheartedly with the message it was sending to parents.  What happened next is exciting for me as a reader and as a reviewer.  Douglas contacted me and we discussed my review and his book.  We tossed a few ideas back and forth.  I'm sure Douglas had input from other reviewers as well.  Instead of getting angry at my review and tossing my opinions to the side, however, he went to work and made some changes. 

The Lake That Stole Children now comes with Start a Conversation with Story, a free mini-self-help book and study guide!  If you already have The Lake, you can get a free copy of Start a Conversation with StoryThe Lake is also now available in e-book format.  Along with those, you can get another free book, Little Red Dress, which is an adult fairy tale.  I urge all of my readers to go to Doug's Site and check these out. 

Most importantly:

Thank you, Doug, for taking the time to listen to us readers and reviewers!  It means a lot that authors are still willing to not only listen to what we have to say, but also act on it.

Thank you to all the reviewers out there!  It's an important job that's shaping the literary world, whether any of us realize it or not.

Keep reading, everyone!!!

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  1. I think that is the coolest thing. I'm sure you didn't expect a response like that! How thrilling to actually sit with the author and discuss ideas. And even moreso that he's willing to act on your advice. Yours! That's got to make your day! I know it would mine.


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