Monday, September 13, 2010

He Blew Her a Kiss by Angie Pechak Printup and Kelley Stewart Dollar

It comes as a brush of the shoulder, a breath, a familiar scent, or perhaps a gentle breeze when everything else is still.  These remarkable sensations are all examples of our loved ones communicating to use after they are gone from this life-letting us know they are in a better place, and yet still with us.

He Blew Her a Kiss collects dozens of suc stories of after-death communication, in which husbands, wives, children, grandparents, and others, gently let us know that their spirit lives on.  - From the back of the book

This collection is a great idea.  It was sparked by the story of Tom and Judy McKelroy and has blossomed from there.  Stories are currently being collected for a second book as well as a special 9/11 edition.  To submit your own story, go to He Blew Her a Kiss.

I found most of the stories touching, but not heart-wrenching and goose-bumpy as I'd hoped for.  A skeptic reading this would suggest that most of the stories are mere coincidence while others must be made up.  For someone who's had a brush with the other side, they'd find themselves nodding in accord with each story.  The upside for me is that each story in this book is a true tale, from a real person.  The downside for me is that the writing could have been just a tad bit more emotional.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, it just isn't as in depth as I'd like.  Each story starts out in such a matter of fact manner that it's difficult to care enough about each person to really get the full effect of their experience.  For subsequent books, I'd really like to see each story expanded to twice it's length with a little more detail and heart inserted in each one.  Overall, though, this is an elegant read for those who have lost someone and seek a little comfort.

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