Sunday, January 23, 2011

Accidents Can Be Awesome

First, this isn't a review for anything, unless it's reviewing my own ingenuity in which case I'd normally give myself an F+, except for the instance I'm about to tell you about.

Yesterday I was in the mood for these wonderful little Oreo balls that a friend of mine makes.  I have no idea what they're called.  They taste like Oreos and they're shaped like a ball.  She's given me the recipe at least six times and I still have no idea what on earth to put in these things to make them.  So...rather than risk the chance of looking like an idiot by calling her and saying 'Yes, I know you've given me the recipe a zillion times, but how do you make those Oreo ball thingies?', I decided to guess!  Sometimes I get lucky with recipes and sometimes I don't, but at least I knew there were Oreos in it, which means I had more than a fifty percent chance of getting them right....right???  Nope!  I decided milk must be the magical ingredient and began pouring hapharzardly into my bowl of crushed oreos.  What I ended up with was a thick, syrupy, yummy-tasting, gooey  mess.  Sam decided it made great mud to cover his trains in, so he took half of the bowl.  The other half, well obviously there was no way I was rolling these things into balls.  I really didn't want to slurp down a bowl of goo, either.  I started randomly opening cabinets, looking for inspiration.  There it was!  A cake mix that I'd tossed together about 3 or 4 months ago!  I whipped up the cake mix and baked it.  Then I slapped the goo, like day-old cement, in between the layers and topped with a sweet chocolate frosting.  I have to tell you guys...this is the best cake ever!  This Oreo goo is amazing and I wish I'd have accidentally happened upon it before!  It sort of soaked into the cake, but not all the way.  Instead of having a layer of Oreo goo in between two cake layers, I ended up having a fudge-like center to my cake!  Yum!  I sure hope I can make it again on purpose!

P.S.  Nope, that's not my cake up there!  I just really hate to post a blog without a picture and that cake looks yummy!

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