Monday, January 17, 2011

The Hole by Bruce Derman, Ph.D.

It's always interesting to me when I read two books back to back that seem to work well together.  I was tempted to review them both together, but that wouldn't exactly be fair to the authors, so I'm going to do them separately and let you figure the rest out.

The first book is The Hole.  It's a fable written by a psychotherapist who deals mostly with patients that have that 'empty' feeling.  Most of us have had this at one time or another.  It's that little black hole that eats at us when we're having an identity crisis, going through a divorce or some other grieving process. 

The story tells us about a couple who are picture perfect on the outside, but inside they begin to get that unhappy, empty feeling.  A hole appears in their perfect home and they have to figure out how to deal with it.

As for the writing, it's a cute little story.  It's written in a light manner that's easy to both read and comprehend for nearly any adult.  I can't really say it's 'dumbed down', but it is simplistic.  Difficult concepts are written in such a manner that most anyone can understand what's being said. 

This book doesn't give you step by step instructions on finding your purpose in life or how to fill that emptiness inside.  It presents you with ideas to think about.  It's sort of like asking for the meaning of life and someone replies with a one word answer.  You get what you seek, but you have to work for attainment of it.

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