Saturday, January 15, 2011


Stop!  Don't put that dollar twenty five in the soda machine!  Yes, I know you need a Mountain Dew, but you'll have that finished in under a minute and I have a much better use for it!  OK, actually, forget that.  You don't have to spend the dollar for this...but you'll want to!

I received a fun little e-mail today asking me to check out an e-book called Don't Go There.  Of course my first impression is always 'Woohoo!  Another book to review!' but then I found out what this one is about and I was a little concerned.  Robb runs his own blog titled Inspired by Caffeine & Nicotine.  When his girlfriend was pressuring him to go out of the country for vacation, he began to write this book of reasons NOT to visit specific other countries.  Of course, I was told ahead of time that Robb was funny, but let's be honest.  That's like every mother saying that her child is beautiful.  It's not that it isn't true, but it's definitely a matter of perspective.  I've certainly seen some ugly babies in my time.  So....what did I find?

I'll tell you, for 99 cents you can't go wrong!  I dare you to read this and not laugh out loud!  I laughed through almost the entire book.  I don't mean I sniggered occasionally...I mean I was full on belly laughing.  This guy is hilarious!  I'll admit that it isn't for those of you that are squeamish with any mention of sex or hookers, but it's still rather tastefully done.  Reading this book was like sitting back with a bunch of friends and watching the crazy one get drunk and start spouting off about traveling the world.  Great entertainment!  I also happened to learn quite a bit.  There are excerpts from Wikipedia and tourism boards on each country as well as tidbits that the author dug up somewhere.  I'm afraid this had the opposite effect on me that it was supposed to.  Instead of wanting to avoid these countries, I now want to visit every single one so that I can stand there and say 'Yep!  This is what he was talking about!  Stranded in the desert with a sewing kit!  This is the life!'  and 'Ode to a beautiful stream!  I'll make up something poetic for you!' :) 

Honestly, just go check out the blog and if you're not hooked on Robb's wit, don't bother spending the 99 cents for the e-book.  Me, personally, LOVED IT!  That's the best laugh I've had in a long while.  It was even better than the time I took the top off the computer desk and put it on the floor so I could reach the stereo and when I stepped on top of it it just crunched beneath my feet like it was made out of saltines and I looked like a pink daisied ninja who'd just chopped a board in half and had a room full of my girlfriends who'd watched the whole thing!  Actually, I laughed even harder than the time that my girlfriends and I were having a weekend off and I had on this cute little black leather miniskirt and realized there was a cup behind the sectional and reached behind to get it only to go flying over the back and land in a completed folded position, stuck between the sectional and the corner of the walls with an old pair of blinds stuck up my skirt.  Point being...check this out!!!


  1. What an amazing review!

    Thank you for checking me out, and glad you got a laugh.

    Sure would love to hear more about the blinds stuck up your skirt, and your legs in the air, undoubtedly.

    And who the hell is Steve Finell showing up to invite you to follow his blog? What the hell!!! Just what the hell.

    That's like you and I having a romantic evening and another guy offering to take you home.

    I don't like you Mr. Finell whoever the hell you are.

    Anywho, thank you for the review.

    Love, love, love.

    You didn't go back to Mr. Finell's did you?

  2. I did have to go check out what Mr. Finell had to offer. It doesn't do for a girl to make a commitment on the first date, you know!

    Don't be sullen though....I've been coming back to you several times a day ;)

  3. I must confess, and confess, Mr Finell would approve of I'm sure, I must confess I went to check out his site just now too.

    Had to see what my competition was like for you my fickle, fickle friend.

    I can confidently say that if I got you on your knees it would be more fun than if Finell got you on your knees.

    That cryptic endorsement should get him a few views from your readers.


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