Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy by Mary Lydon Simonsen

It's obvious to Georgiana Darcy that the lovely Elizabeth Bennet is her brother's perfect match, but Darcy's pigheadedness and Elizabeth's wounded pride are going to keep them both from the loves of their lives.

Georgiana can't let that happen, so she readily agrees to help her not-at-all-snobbish cousin, Anne de Bourgh, do everything within their power to assure her beloved brother's happiness.

But the path of matchmaking never did run smooth....-taken from the back of the book

I have to admit I love the Austen trend that's been going around the past couple of years.  It's so much fun to watch authors take beloved characters and just run with them.  Sometimes they put them in odd situations and sometimes they just retell the tale in a new manner.  I have to admit that a few of the Darcy books that I've read have been boring failures, but I'm happy to proclaim that this is not one of them!

I found the writing absolutely alluring.  It's witty and full of character.  I was sucked in from the very beginning and couldn't put the book down.  I found all of the characters to be completely lovable, although in different forms.  Some of the characters are absolutely vile and I found myself loving every time they entered onto the scene.  Their impromptu remarks and actions kept me giggling throughout the book.  The wit of the main characters kept me smiling in between the giggling.  No, this book isn't primarily humor but what's the point of romance if you don't smile throughout it?  Ah, the romance part!  It's in there!  You won't find all the lackadaisical sex scenes that today often pass for romance.  What you'll find is sweetness and love.

There are a few misunderstandings throughout the book, but I love the way that they were dealt with.  One of the formula's for romance novels states that there should be a misunderstanding and instead of thinking about what happened like normal, rational adults, a character (or more than one in some cases!)  holds onto their incorrect and childish way of thinking until the end of the book when the truth clobbers them over the head.  I detest that!  If you're too stupid to ask if Joe had an affair with your best friend then you're too stupid to be in a book I'm reading!  If you don't have the good sense to realize that just because Sheryl is hugging a man it doesn't mean she's sleeping with him, then I don't want to read about you!  I want to read about smart characters that have a bit of morality and a good bit of intelligence.  What I loved most about this book is that throughout the misunderstandings, characters are dealing with situations as I would.  Well, as I'd like to think any mature adult would (Not that I'm mature, mind you!)  Instead of assuming the worst and carrying it throughout the book, they take the time to think about the situation and act accordingly.  This made for a much better read for me.  Instead of spending the book wondering why paper was wasted on such a dimwitted human being, I was able to enjoy all of the nonsensical things that went wrong.

This book is crisp as a spring day.  It's fresh and charming.  Some of the characters are deliciously annoying while others will capture your heart.  A wonderful sense of adventure and intrigue are found.  I strongly suggest this book for you Darcy fans out there, but also for anyone else looking for a fun romance or just a jolly good time.

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. As "crisp as a spring day." I love it, and if I could do a cartwheel, I would! Your review is a great way to start the week. :) Mary


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