Monday, January 17, 2011

I Want What She's Got! by Bette James Laughrun & Kathie Nelson

Many women suffer from transitions in life.  Not just women, though this book is geared towards them.  It's that feeling where you just don't know what to do next.  Where is your life headed?  Why are you so unhappy and empty feeling?  How do you flip it all around and make yourself happy?

I read this book immediately after reading The Hole and I'm thankful I did.  I already had the thinking portion implanted in my brain.  My mindset was that of wondering how to fix the hole that I myself am dealing with.  Though I knew the ultimate goal for dealing with it, where did I start?

This book starts off with the story of one of the authors, Bette.  She was in the same rut that most women find themselves in.  Day in and day out it's taking care of the family and the house and the budgeting and the cooking and the cleaning and the laundry and the repairs and the homework and reminding of baths and scheduling play dates and all of those wonderful job titles that mothers and wives hold.  Bette found her soul screaming to have a place of it's own, her spirit squashed by all of the titles that she held.  I don't know of any woman that doesn't identify with this.

What I enjoyed about this book most is that it takes a step by step approach to fixing that empty feeling inside.  Though there are entertaining, inspirational stories, I was more drawn to the self-help tools the book held.  As a reader, you're presented with personal questions that you must ask yourself.  Then it shows you how to take those answers and use them to turn around your life.

Both of these books together painted a picture for me of figuring out how to fix that empty feeling inside.  One started me thinking about it while the other pointed the direction to get to the end result the first brought me to.  Most of the questions asked are thought-provoking and meaningful.  On a personal note, I can't answer most of them yet. 

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