Friday, January 28, 2011

Sudden Moves by Kelli Sue Landon

When Katie doesn't return from Spring break, rumors start flying about what happened to her.  The kids at school are told that her family decided to move to Florida, but some of Katie's friends just can't believe that.  Her friends, Michelle and Tami, and her boyfriend, Brad, decide to do a little investigating of their own.  What they find me be even more dark than what their young minds are imagining.

I have one really positive thing to say about this book and one really negative.  First, though, it was a great read.  I was immediately sucked in and didn't want to put it down until I'd finished.  The characters are interesting and lifelike.  The story is presented well and plotted well.  It's definitely a satisfying read.  Now on to the pro and con that really stuck to me.

First, the good stuff.  When I had several chapters left, a good friend texted me and asked what I was doing.  Of course, I responded with reading.  They asked if the book was any good and so I went on a tirade about how I love mysteries but I always seem to figure them out half through and this book is no exception.  At that point, I had the mystery all figured out and was just waiting for the characters to catch up to my brilliant deduction abilities.  They asked if this meant the book would get a bad review and I responded with 'Heavens no!  I usually do have the mystery figured's all a matter of whether I want to keep reading once I have and I definitely want to keep reading this.  Whether I have it figured out or not, I'm still having a blast with it.'  So, before the good thing happened, I was already pleased with the fact that I could keep enjoying the book after the mystery was gone for me.  Then, the most amazing thing happened.  I was wrong!  I freely admit it!  A wonderful little plot twist was tossed right in and I was wrong!  I love it!  I sat the book down, looked out into space and said 'Well, I'll be, Kelli!  Way to go!' 

Now, sadly, the bad news.  Keep in mind, this is just my perspective.  Most of the time, through their actions and dialogue, I imagined them to be 12 or 13 years old at the most.  Every time one of them talked about driving it really threw me.  It was like my mind was on a yo-yo of imagining what they looked like.  One minute they're girls on the cusp of adulthood and the next their supposed to be young adults.  Definitely don't let this sway you from reading the book.  You all know I have to be honest though and I don't want somebody reading it and thinking this and calling me a skunk for not warning anybody ahead of time. 

One last's edited well!  I think I found only one mistake!!!  Woo hoo!

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  1. Thanks for this review!! I love to keep people guessing and twist the mystery! Glad you enjoyed it!


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