Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mountain Dragon: Aspiration by Bradley Clemmons

More!  More!  Yes, I'm emailing you in a few minutes, Bradley!  I need more! 

Honestly, if you're only going to pick one new author this year to try out, this is the one to go for.  Don't let the fact that this is a self-publication stop you from picking this up.  It was released a few months ago and I just now got my hands on a copy, but I tell you....get it as quickly as you can so you can sit down and devour it!

Alright, enough of my rambling...on with my rambly review!

This book is the beginning of the life of a young girl.  Well, not really the beginning.  We start with her being five years of age and follow the chronicles of her childhood.  I can't give you her name because she has so many.  I don't want to give any spoilers, but I suppose I can tell you that it starts out by her seeing her family being viciously slaughtered before being found by bandits.  Great way to start as a child, huh?  There's so much more to her than meets the eye though.  She has special abilities and powers that she has to hide from others.  This isn't modern earth where witches are welcomed. 

Where to start?  Where to start?  This book is epic.  There's action, adventure, romance, drama and magic.  This book is incredibly well written and thankfully edited nicely.  Bradley has a way of writing that just sucks you right into his world and holds you tightly, not allowing you to escape for even the mundane daily rituals.  I've spent three days reading this book.  I put it down when forced to, but it was always right next to me in anticipation of flipping to my next paragraph and continuing on my journey.  I would never have picked this book up off of a store shelf due to the title (sorry...but it's lame!) but I'm thankful that the book was placed in my hands as it's easily the best story of it's genre I've ever read.  What genre would that be?  It's political, fiction, action, adventure and bildungsroman (Sorry!  I love that word and it shouldn't be counted against me in spell check!  Just ask my seventh grade teacher!).  After all of the wonderful writing, we have beautiful illustrations throughout the book.  Wonderfully done, JULIA WITWER!  Any of you needing an illustrator, contact this girl!  I admit, I'm not fond of the front cover title either, but the illustrations inside the book are absolutely captivating and add so much to the story.  The very last page of the book has a picture of a Tibetan Guardian Dragon and it made me want to break out my colored pencils!  Hmm...I wonder if the drawings in the book could be changed to be perforated....then it would be combination novel/coloring book.  Honestly, I hate the fact that these beautiful depictions won't be seen again by anyone unless they read the book.  I want to color them all and frame them and hang them up all over the place!

Ok, enough rambling.  As you can all tell, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.  My only complaint (and you all know I have to have at least one!)  is the front cover of the book.  It makes the main character look like a crazy little twit and the title doesn't do anything to endear me to the book.  As I stated before, if I saw it sitting on a store shelf, I'd bypass it without a second glimpse.  Don't let the cover ruin this book for you though.  It's a true gem and I strongly suggest all fiction lovers pick it up!

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  1. Update: I just heard from Bradley and he's sending me Fulfillment to review as well. Watch for it next week as the saga continues!


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