Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mr. Darcy's Secret by Jane Odiwe

In this Austen sequel, Elizabeth and Darcy have wed.  Shortly after returning to Pemberly, Elizabeth finds a letter which begins to make her question her husband.  Does Darcy have a deep dark secret he's hiding?

I have to admit, this one started out rather slowly.  Through the first third of the book I kept wondering when something was going to happen.  Once the story started to pick up, however, I realized that this beginning of the book was integral in establishing the day to day routines and characters.  I still wish it could have been punched up a bit and found myself bored in the beginning.  I found myself not really caring about Darcy's secret or whether dear Lizzie would ever figure it out.  I did find both Darcy and Elizabeth as endearing as ever and the romantic love story is continued with a grand flourish.

Over all, I'd say this book was just an alright read, were it not for one thing.  There was a wonderful back story!  Darcy has decided it's time for his sister, Georgiana, to marry.  Though her heart belongs to one man, she knows it's her familial duty to marry the one chosen for her.  As little as I cared about Darcy and Elizabeth, I was enraptured with Georgiana's story.  Had it been the focal point of the book and Darcy's secret secondary, I would probably have given this book a much better review.

In general, I have to give this book an alright rating.  It's worth a read, especially for you Austen fans.  It's written in beautiful art just as Austen wrote.  Though the beginning was a slow starter, it did make up for it in the end.  I'm just not a patient reader.  It's definitely worth picking up just for reading Georgiana's story. 

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