Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dust by Joan Frances Turner

I've been a bzzagent for four years now, and it just keeps getting better!  Now they've offered me the chance to read the beginning of Dust.  I jumped at the chance, and now I'm wishing I hadn't because here I am, completely entranced, and no more to read until my copy arrives!

Of course, nobody ever believes their loved ones could become zombies, but it could happen.  When 15 year old Jessie awakens in her coffin, she knows right away she's dead.  After removing herself from the earth and a nasty run in with her now undead parents, she finds herself soon joining a gang of revolting and lovable zombies.  It's all about survival.  When the gang leader comes back smelling more chemical than usual, Jessie knows something's up.  What it is, I have no idea!  I sure wish I did though!  I searched the web reading reviews and all you wonderful reviewers out there were smart enough to not include spoilers!  Darn it! 

I wouldn't suggest this for younger teen readers due to it's graphical nature, but I loved every grotesque word.  This book is a unique zombie novel in that it's written from the perspective of Jessie and you get a good glimpse at how zombies communicate and function from an insider's view.  Though I hadn't heard of Turner before this, I hope she has more published works out there because I can't wait to devour every one!

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