Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Redemption of Holly Dobson by C. Lynn Barton

Holly Dobson possesses an understated benevolent evilness.  She is relentlessly driven by her unbreakable sense of family values.  Holly acts with remorseless conviction to protect her own regardless of the consequences.

Her only son is a demonic, charismatic, and curiously engaging being.  The quintessential evil which George Dobson personifies sets Holly on a path that spans continents, decades, and the landscape of her very soul.

Along the way, Holly discovers her purpose and finds redemption as a mother, a woman, lover, and ultimately something more than a mere human being.  (Taken from the back of the book)

Where to begin...where to begin!  This was an excellent read.  I definitely had a few 'Exorcism' flashbacks!  It's the battle between good and evil and it's difficult to figure out who's on which side.  Even after finishing the book, I'm not sure!  Those of you who are into religious thrillers will definitely enjoy this.  The writing is captivating and flows beautifully.  There were a few wonderful twists thrown in that I hadn't expected.  Over all, this book has a dark feel to it that keeps you guessing.  I had a difficult time putting it down.

Now, sadly, I have to critique a bit here.  An editor would have done wonders for this book!  It was an excellent story that could have been made outstanding, were it not for a few things pulling the reader away from the story.  Items such as misspelled words and difficult dialogue kept me rereading passages to figure out what was being said.  The bright spot to this is that it isn't common in the book.  Definitely annoying when it happens, but don't let it be enough to deter you from reading it. 

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