Friday, October 15, 2010

The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head by Gary Small, MD and Gigi Vorgan GIVEAWAY!!!

I burnt my son's pancakes this morning.  I'm not proud of it, but I do decline taking the blame on this one.  It started out innocently enough.  He brought me a box of pancake mix and said "I hungry!' and I knew that was the point I was supposed to put down the book and start cooking.  As I stirred the batter one-handed, I reminded myself that pancakes don't take long to cook and I should just put down the book and do it.  As I flipped the pancakes over one-handed I reminded myself that pancakes don't take long to cook and I should just put down the book.  As I held out a plate of haphazardly chopped up and burnt pancakes to an empty kitchen and said 'Here!', I realized it was just too late to put the book down and there was just no point.  I wanted to put the book down and be a good mom, I really did.  I was unable.  

Nope, that isn't a story from The Naked Lady Who Stood on Her Head.  That's a story from my real life while I was reading it.  Maybe I'm a bookaholic.  Maybe one of the stories touched something in my brain that made me incapable of physically putting it down.  Most likely it's just because it was a darn good read! 

Here's what to expect with this book:  Imagine sitting on your front porch with someone you know and trust.  They're telling you about the time that a patient came into their office and had a book reading addiction (No!  This isn't in the book!  Stay with me here!).  He doesn't start with 'I had this patient this one time who had this thing.'  He starts out at the beginning.  'I was 53 and had just published my first book.  As my daughter was attempting to (insert whatever suits your fancy here), I received a call from my publisher.  He and I had been friends for years.  He told me that one of the girls reviewing my book had a problem and thought she might be benefited by talking to me.'  He starts out with personal information and a little background on the story.  Then you get hit with the patient.  Right away you don't know exactly what's wrong with them, only part of their symptoms.  As each story progresses, you learn more about the patient as well as more about the way that Dr. Small dealt with them.  Once the story wraps up and you find the issue, it doesn't stop there.  I'm definitely a 'But what happened next!' person.  I wasn't disappointed!  At the end of each story Dr. Small gives a small update on each person. 

Honestly, I just loved this book.  I couldn't put it down.  The stories were intriguing.  Being an amateur sleuth, I always tried to figure out what was wrong with the person before I was told and I failed with every single person!  Best of all for me was Dr. Small's writing style.  It has just the perfect amount of flow to keep you intrigued.  It really is like sitting down and listening to stories from a trusted friend.  This is great if you're a psychiatry student and want to read about a few cases.  Personally, I think it's even better if you aren't.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride!  If you'd like to check out a preview of the book, go here and they'll email you one! 

Now for the best news!  I get one free copy of this book to give away!  Honestly, I don't know anyone who'll want to pass up this book!  If nothing else, it's a pretty read that will really set off your bookshelf!  So, how do you win?  It's easy! 

Now for the rules: 

Leave a comment letting me know you're a follower on Google, Networked Blogs or Twitter!  You get an extra entry for each place that you follow.  Not only does that enter you into this giveaway, it pre-enters you into the $5 Amazon gift card for November!

U.S. contestants only, please!

The winner will be announced on Halloween evening!  What does this book have to do with Halloween?  Nothing!  It's a holiday and giveaways are fun!


  1. David R (c0ldzr0 at yahoo)October 27, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    I'd love to win this. It sounds pretty interesting. I follow on Networked Blogs.

  2. Only one entrant! So you won!


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