Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Forgiving Troy by Thom Bierdz

Listen up, soap opera fans!  You Y&R people all know who Philip Chancellor III is.  Whether you've been watching since the 80's or are a new fan, you've at least heard the name.  Personally, I only remember snippets from my aunt watching during my childhood, but I still know who Philip Chancellor III is.  The actor who plays Chancellor is Thom Bierdz and his book is an interesting look into his personal life.

Years ago, Thom's brother, Troy, brutally murdered their mother.  After a difficult divorce between their parents, Thom and his siblings all had issues coping.  Troy had the most problems of the bunch and was repeatedly in trouble.  As Thom's career rose and fell, he watched his family fall apart.  This book is the product of Thom's search for peace after a troubled past.

Though I expected to pick up this book and be bored to tears hearing about the murder of Thom's mother, it wasn't like that at all.  Thom definitely has a talent for writing.  Each page keeps you flipping, engrossed in Thom's life.  The murder of his mother is definitely an integral part of the story, but it was so much more.  Thom shares with us his struggles with being gay and his fear that he, himself, may be psychotic.  We get an insider look at his family life and how he handles it.  Instead of being the simple murder tale I was expecting, I found a deep personal search that one man took in finding himself. 

Thought-provoking and heart-wrenching, I strongly suggest Thom's book to his fans as well as anyone looking for a good non-fiction read.

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