Friday, October 15, 2010

Princess and Missy's Magical Adventure by Michelle Nicole Martin

Princess is a sweet little dog who loses her family and her home.  She begins to spend her life wandering the streets in search of a meal and helping everyone she comes across.  As a reward, Missy, a magical butterfly, offers her a crystal heart.  She then asks Princess to join her and her group in spreading joy and happiness.  Everything seems like a wonderful new beginning for Princess until the evil Jaith appears on the scene.

This is such a cute and sweet story.  Admittedly, it's sad in the beginning, but Princess bounces back.  There  are several good morals along the way for parents and caregivers to point out as learning lessons.  The words and sentences are short so that it's easy for younger readers to pick this book up and read it alone.

I handed this book to a nine year old girl to get her opinion.  She enjoyed the pictures as well as the story.  When I asked her to sum up how she felt about the book over all, she replied, 'It's just really sad that we never get to find out what happened to the poor doggy's family.' 

My over all thoughts on this book is that it reminds me of Lisa Frank stickers.  You know the ones, if you're a girl or have a girl.  They're cute and colorful and made just for young girls to enjoy.

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