Saturday, October 23, 2010

Letters to Ethan by Tom McQueen

Letters to Ethan is a book comprised of letters that Tom has written for his grandson, Ethan.  I guess the title is pretty self-explanatory on that one.  These letters contain life wisdom that Tom has gained through the years that he wants to share with his grandson.  Each chapter is a different letter with a different message.  Tom begins writing when Ethan is born and continues to write on special days and as he thinks of something important he wants to say.  Each letter is written with love, wisdom, and usually a slight touch of humor.

Over all, this was a pretty decent book.  It's sort of a life guide book.  For me, it was an alright read.  I wouldn't pick it up off of a shelf and buy it though.  I felt sort of like an intruder reading someone else's letters.  Had this been written to me from my grandfather, I would have treasured it for always and passed it on to my children.  There is a lot of good life info to be found inside though and i would definitely suggest this for anyone who wants more life insight and guidance.

The part that interested me most about reviewing this book is the Legacy Campaign.  Their website has a resource available for child protection.  More than that, they've set up an area where parents and grandparents can upload their own letters.  It's a great idea that I think would serve generations to come.  Pass on the wisdom and keep it personal!

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