Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Velvet Lace-Up Bustier by Eden Fantasys

As a new reviewer for, I couldn't wait to try my first product.  Lingerie is always tricky for me.  Finding the right size, shape and color can be difficult, especially when ordering online.   Also, when ordering online you always have the possibility of receiving a product that was shoddily made and that's just disappointing to say the least.

I chose to try out the Velvet Lace-Up Bustier.  As a consumer, the price is great (assuming the product is well-made) and sizing was incredibly easy to figure out.  The first thing I checked when I received the item were the materials.  The velvet portion of the outfit is thin enough that it's not too hot to wear, but thick enough that it's sturdy.  The lacing and embellishments are made of a black stretchy material, and I found them to be strong as well.  The stitching is tight and close so that it should last quite a long time.  No unraveling here!  No loose threads!  The hook and eye closures on the back of the corset are well set so that they won't easily pull loose.  There are also two different settings on the back so that you can change it to your personal best fitting size.

The next test was the look and feel of the outfit.  As women, we all want to look sexy.  Me personally, I'm not willing to sacrifice comfort.  If something is scratchy or pokes me or just fits uncomfortably, I'm not going to wear it.  It's that simple.  The outfit fit perfectly!  Even though there aren't any shoulder straps on the bustier, it stayed in place quite well, even after moving around in it for awhile (Nothing exciting!  I tested it out while doing laundry!).  Not only did it fit well, but it was so comfortable! I could easily wear this all day long beneath my clothing!  Of course, I'm a pretty unfair judge as to how the outfit looked on me, but I actually liked it.  My ribcage looked small and I had quite a bit of cleavage (which was easily visible thanks to the front lacing!).

My only issue with this outfit had to do with the thong.  The front lacing appears to stretch unevenly.  Since it's not a tie string, the more you stretch the elastic around the waist, the more the lacing appears uneven from top to bottom.  It's not very noticeable, and is definitely not an issue when wearing the outfit.  It's just the only imperfection I found.

Over all, this outfit is a definite success for me.  It's constructed to be durable yet comfortable, looks nice, feels nice.  It's definitely a great value for the price.  I can't wait to try out my next product and let you all know about it!

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