Friday, March 11, 2011

The Case for Falling in Love by Mari Ruti, PhD

First, let me say that I'm a cynic, no longer a romantic.  This is important because I'll probably view this book differently than someone who believes in, and is searching for, love.

This book is separated into two sections.  The first section is mostly an attack on other self-help books out there.  Using several pop culture media references, Ruti draws out her reasons, as well as her own research, as to why these other self-help love gurus are antiquated and wrong.

The second half of the book is more geared towards understanding why we love, how we love, and how to make love successful.  Complete with more references, this part makes a little more sense to me as a book.  There's a bit of actual helpful information for those seeking it rather than just tearing apart someone else's work.

Over all, the book is nicely put together, entertaining and easy to read.  Personally, I found the first half of the book interesting, but useless on the whole.  The second half contains quite a bit of good material on figuring out who you are and what you're looking for.  Regardless of whether you're looking for love, there are some really good tidbits about dealing with other people and relationships in general.

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