Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Gift Card Winner

It's March!  This hopefully means Spring is on it's way!  It was 80 here yesterday and I definitely enjoyed the nicer weather.  It's time to get out of that wintery blah feeling and move on to the blooming rain.  What does this have to do with this month's gift card winner?  Nothing!  I just like to talk!  On with the real post.....

Every month I fill out little pieces of paper with names of those who follow this blog on Google, Networked Blogs and Twitter.  Every month I add those pieces of paper to a little bin that holds all the pieces of paper from previous months in there.  I've been doing this for a few months now, so some of you have quite a few entries into the drawing.  You get one entry for each place you follow me, and every month I add to that.  This month, lovely March, the winner for the $5 Amazon card is Daena!  I'll be contacting her shortly to let her know she's won.  Congrats, honey!!!

If you didn't win this month, you're still entered in for every future drawing.  Good luck!

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