Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar - Review

You've read Charlaine Harris.  You've read Terry Spear.  You know your werewolves, right?  Maaaaaaaaybe!

Quicksilver definitely has it's ups and downs.  Through most of the book I was riveted and applauding.  However, about halfway through the book, the crux of adventure had come and gone and the second half was spent taking care of the loose ends.  The premise of the book is that Quinton is a werewolf who's been given a second chance with his true love, Serenity.  He wants nothing more than to end his were curse so that he can live happily with her.  The problem is that the first plan of action fails, even though it's the more exciting one, so we find ourselves in this grand adventure and having a wonderful time, gripping to the edge of our seats to find what will happen next.  Then we plummet over a cliff and feel like the book has ended, only to find that we still have several chapters left.  It felt sort of like the story was too short and so Joy felt like she had to keep adding.  Honestly, if you read the book and stop at the point I'm talking about, you'll walk away with a satisfying read.  If you continue on, you feel a little cheated.  Joy does a great job of attempting to pull a mystery from the first half and bring it to fruition, but it really falls short of the initial energy the book has.

One of my favorite parts of Joy's writing is that she isn't afraid to put in a little gore.  Instead of sugar coating, she gives you some graphic stimulation.  Honestly, I could do without the sex scenes, but I'm sure you guys expect that from me by now.  My biggest issue is that I never got to find out if the guy in the forest ever got his hacksaw back.  Hopefully, that won't be an issue for you other readers.

Werewolf lovers will love the way that Joy has portrayed them here.  Familiars and witchcraft with a little genetics tossed in make this a unique read.  If you happen to be suffering from lycanthropy, I definitely expect you to pick up this book since the cure is published within!

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  1. A few of us have had similar issues with the antagonist being killed off in the middle of the book and then the story seems to just drag on. Personally, I think Joy Spraycar should have made it into two books, cut out the devil worship and the sex scenes and ended with the death of the father. She then could have made a second book and embellished the details following the death and conjured some real excitement there. You can read my review on My Bookshelf.


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