Monday, March 28, 2011

The Return of Black Douglas by Elaine Coffman Review

Magical time travel romance.

Isobella and Elizabeth are visiting Scotland whhen Isobella wishes she had her 'Mr. Darcy'.  When she touches a painting of Black Douglas, all three of them disappear and reappear in the year 1515.  Each of the sisters are 'picked up' by warring clans.  Will they be able to find each other, let alone their way back home?

Ah so much fun!  I love time travel and this one has such a great twist!  The ghost of Black Douglas transports them back and then decides to stick around and drive the girls crazy throughout the book.  Our ghost adds a much-needed humor element.

The romance portion of the story involves Isobella and Alysandir.  Thankfully, Isobella has done her homework, so she knows how to behave and what to expect of the time period.  Of course, they have the more than typical romance issues in coming together.  The romance portion is excellent with just enough of that 'I'm a high school kid and this is my first love' feel to keep you tingling all over.  There are a few sex sections, but they're easy enough to skip over if you like.  I didn't find anything spectacular about them.

What I loved most about this book is the phrasing.  There were some parts where I actually stopped and reread a section several times because it just sounded so beautiful in my head.  In places the characters make profound comments that are absolutely lyrical.  I've never read Elaine's work before, but if this is typical of her writing, I'm definitely a fan.  Most of the book is a fun, quick, and quirky read, but once you hit these choice morsels you realize that you've really hit upon something special.  I'm thankful the entire book isn't written this way, as I would never actually finish it (because I kept rereading so often!), but there's just enough in there to keep me coming back for more.

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