Friday, March 4, 2011

The Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald - Review

An alright read, but not amazing.  I'd wait until it's on sale somewhere.

Ah, poor Alice!  She's worked so hard and been so responsible, only to become a victim of identity theft, leaving her stranded with nearly 100 grand in debt.  The betrayed feeling is doubled once she finds out who the culprit is.  Is this necessarily a bad thing, though?

The back of this book billed it as 'refreshing, fun, and sexy...a perfect beach read.'  I don't know about the refreshing or sexy, but it would be a fun read for the beach, unless there happen to be a lot of hot guys walking around.  In that case, I'm sure I could think of something better to do.  Seriously, I don't have any problems with the book other than that it's mediocre.  I didn't hate it enough to say anything bad and I didn't like it well enough to say anything good.  Let's see what I can come up with though, shall we?

Good:  There was one character that I actually cared about.  Of course, she was one of the villains, but I actually found myself having a strong reaction to her.  It's a brilliant character study. 

Bad:  There really isn't anything bad.  It's just mediocre.  It's readable, sure, but not something that I read and went 'Wow!  I'm glad I read that!'  It's not boring.  It's also not exciting. 

I have to apologize.  This has to be one of the worst reviews I've written.  It's nearly impossible to take several hundred words to write, 'This book was blah.'  Honestly, if you have nothing else to read, this will pass the time.  However, if you have something you know you want to read, definitely grab that first.

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