Thursday, September 22, 2016

Damaged by Tim Marquitz and Timothy Long

Even though these two awesome guys won't kill me in brutal ways, I've pre-ordered this one.  Why?  Because I can't help it!  It's guaranteed to be an awesome read for any horror junkie!  If you know anything about these guys, you know they have rapier sharp wit, brilliant story telling skills and a penchant for the unusual.

Let me tell you a little bit about it!

For decades, the heavy metal band Damaged has brutalized record charts, sold out countless stadiums, and amassed enough money and fame to last ten lifetimes. 

But it hadn’t always been this easy. In the early days in the southern California scene, the band members struggled to make a name for themselves. Just as the bay area thrashers were about to implode, they received the deal of a lifetime. 

An offer from Satan himself. 

Wex, Michael, Seth, and Sunny have all lived like metal gods for years, but the Devil demands his due, and the price of failure may be their souls. 

This book will leave you Damaged.

Okay, I stole the description from Amazon.  But I couldn't have reworded it any better myself!  Doesn't it sound fun?!

You know, guys, it's still not too late to kill me off...a little evisceration?

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