Saturday, September 10, 2016

Dying Phoenix by Loretta Proctor

I really wanted to like this book.  I did.  The author sent me a copy for free in exchange for an honest review.  Every time that happens, I pray like crazy that I love the book.  I'm not willing to lie, but the fact that they went to the trouble and expense of making sure I had the book in my hand, well that means something to me.  However, I had one real issue with this book.  Here's the blurb from the back:

In April 1967, a totally unexpected military coup throws Greece into turmoil.  People vanish amid terrified rumours of torture and murder.  Meanwhile, tumultous couple Max and Nina Hammett struggle to preserve a marriage that has become fraught with jealousy and despair.  As these events unravel, so does their marriage.  Nina doesn't trust Max, and leaves him in a jealous rage.  But the truth of the matter is that Max was trying to help Zoe, an abused woman, escape her tormentor, not taking her to his bed as Nina imagines.  You, flighty Zoe's angst puts Max in terrible danger from a ruthless murderer.  At the same time, he must also try to find Nina, who has disappeared into the shadowy depths of Athens.  He knows that her wilful nature, along with her refusal to cater to the military, could get her killed.

Sounds pretty exciting, yes?!  It should have been!  Everything in this book, from the cast to the history, has been research and planned incredibly well.  There's a decent plot.  This could have been a really good book.  It should have been!!

I hated chewing every single word.  HHHHHated!!!  I don't care!  I wanted to care!  I wasn't able to care!  The writing is sooooo dry!  Think middle of the desert and nothing but crackers to drink, dry!  Too much detail that nobody cares about!  You can't care that the characters are well-created, because you don't care about the characters at all.  There is zero bonding built in this book.

Now, I will concede that not everyone enjoys the same kinds of books I do.  So, that doesn't mean this isn't a book that YOU will enjoy.  I'm giving my opinion of it.  In fact, this book has several four and five star reviews.  I'm not one of them.

If you enjoy a story that is packed with detail and forces you to pay close attention, you might really enjoy this. Supposedly, this is a thrilling book.  It wasn't for me, but I like cannibals *shrug*

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