Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What we bought this week!!

You guys know this is my favorite day of the week!  Of course, I have my 'have to' read books, but on Wednesdays I get to order the stuff I WANT to read!  So, what did I pick this week???

First up, I did things a little differently.  I did order some books, but I also backed a project on Kickstarter.  There were already enough backers to make the project happen definitely, but it's one I had planned to buy upon release anyway, so why not get some perks while I'm at it??  I haven't read any of the authors in this one yet, and I'm really anxious to get a sampling of what they can do.  Also, the cover art is designed by Shawn King and everything I've seen of his is just awesome.

Next up, we have A Tale Du Mort by Katrina Monroe.  I really enjoyed Sacrificial Lamb Cake and I'm interested to see if that sort of talent is in all of her books, or if it was a fluke.  Katrina, this one better be awesome too!!!  After reading the description, I'm not really sure what to expect!

The last thing we ordered this week is Among the Living by Timothy Long.  I've been following Tim for awhile on social media, and he's pretty darn entertaining.  I figured I had such great luck with using this method when I ordered a book by Tim Marquitz, that this has to be a sure thing! It has zombies and serial killers.  I can't go wrong!  I'm sincerely hoping I love this as much as I did Steve Kuhn's zombies.

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