Friday, September 23, 2016

I'm excited! :) Don't throw away books :(

Today I get to be part of something awesome!!

I remember a few years ago, my older son came to me rather upset.  At the end of the year, his school librarian was throwing books away.  In the trash.  He was heartbroken over this.  Luckily, he was able to talk her into letting him save most of them.

Flash forward to now and my younger son is in elementary school.  His school librarian is an entirely different sort of creature.  I can't tell you how many times I've caught her lovingly taping the spines of books back together.  You see, there are limited funds for ordering new books for the school library.  She still firmly believes that a book can change a child's life.  She believes in the power of the written word.  She is a hero.

Now, I review children's books from time to time.  I don't keep any of them.  Both of my children have their own personal libraries, and to be honest, I don't need children's books in mine.  Every child's book I review is donated.

This may seem like a rather haphazard post, but there's a point.  I'm excited!  I read Phil Tomasso's Sounds of Silence about a month ago. My brain started immediately jumping to all of the people who would love to read it.  We live in a special needs friendly area.  Highly special needs friendly.  I've picked up a couple copies of this book to donate.  I'm excited because today I get to drop off a fresh, beautiful copy to my son's school library!  Considering that this book is about a child who suddenly becomes deaf, and how he and those in his life learn to cope, I just know the kids at my son's school are going to devour it.  It feels amazing to be able to take part in sharing books!

I'm begging you...please don't throw books away.  Donate them.  Ask your local school librarian if she'll take donations.  I know at our school, she doesn't care what kind of shape they're in.  She'll find a loving home for them even if she can't use them in the school library.  Go to your local church and ask if you can donate them.  Go to your local community service shelter and ask if you can donate them.  Find a child in the street that looks bored and hand them over.

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