Sunday, September 11, 2016

Niveus by Sharon Cramer

This is the third book in the Wintergrave Chronicles, and I was pretty anxious about going in since I haven't read the first two.  Luckily, it worked just fine as a standalone.  There were allusions to matters that happened in previous books, but there wasn't anything necessary to be gleaned from them before reading this one.  I do intend to add the previous novels to my 'to read' list but only because I think I'll really enjoy them.

The book centers around Niveus, who is an albino of upstanding birth.  She also has odd healer powers that make some believe she is a witch.  Though she is protected as much as can be in her realm, she also is the object of desire for one horrible tyrant who will stop at nothing to possess her and her powers.

What struck me most is the storytelling ability of Cramer. There's something ethereal and calming about it.  Even in the midst of battle, you find yourself watching the scene unfold as if you were melted among the clouds.  I haven't been able to pinpoint just how she did this, but even with the ugliness happening, it still reads like a Thomas Kinkade painting.  Smooth.  Calming.  Enchanting.

Each character is striking in their uniqueness.  It took me a bit to figure them out, but mainly because there are so many of them.  There's also a bit of time jumping near the beginning of the book that threw me off.  I think if I'd have read the other two books first, I wouldn't have had any trouble at all with the characters and time skips.

This was an absolutely beautiful read.  Though normally, the way things are tied up in the end would have ticked me off, the storytelling and my love for the characters led me to root for things to end the way they did.  I felt such satisfaction at the end of this story!

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  1. I've read it also! This really is an excellent read!


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